Doctor Day, Please Pray!

Hi there Fabs!

Today is another short post about today’s doctor visit to bring in more prayers from all of the praying warriors out there.  

This has been a long awaited appointment, as today I will find out if I’m in complete remission.  I have been at this point in my cancer journey before, as I was told I was in complete remission, only to find out next visit that was a mistake.  So hopefully the news I get today will be accurate.

Here’s to praying for great news and prosperity.

“Cancer does not always roar.  Sometimes its the quiet voice at the end of the day saying.  I will try again tomorrow.”

Thank you in advance for your prayers, and I welcome any comments below.

Be Blessed,

Look FabKim

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11 thoughts on “Doctor Day, Please Pray!

Add yours

    1. hey friend. You betta believe I feel your hugs. Thank you thank you for all your heartfelt wishes. I am so appreciative for you and for everyone that stops by to support me and wish me well. You are so awesome. I’ve just sent you hugs right back so I pray you can feel mine 🙂

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    1. Hey there. Thank you so much for your love and support. Facing a difficult time right now. I will post an update soon of my latest setback. Actually on my way to the doc’s again now, so praying for some good news. Chat soon and thanks for stopping by.

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