An Unforgettable Accessory!

Hi Fabs,

I was at a doctor’s appointment sitting in the waiting room.  In walked two women and each woman sat a few seats away from me.  After a few seconds went by, a familiar scent filled the air. Then I asked who is wearing 273?  One of the ladies smiled and answered, “I am”.

Then I asked her, “How long have you had that perfume because it was discontinued years ago?”  She answered, “Discontinued, I bought it a couple of weeks ago online.”  I looked at the woman with such confusion, because I was told by a friend of mine years ago that they didn’t sell it anymore, and I took my friend at her word.

See, years ago, probably over ten years ago, a friend of mine hooked me on to this perfume. It was one the best perfumes I had ever smelled.  It was a very noticeable but subtle smell. Meaning, when the person walked by you you definitely noticed, but it wasn’t loud like she sprayed herself to kill everyone in the room including herself.  Yes you know the kind.  But hey, I’ve been guilty of that too at least once in my lifetime.  With 273 you will never be guilty of this in my opinion, because you only need one squirt.  😉

Anyway, my friend had hooked me up with it years ago, and I started buying it faithfully.  Then when her and I was having a conversation back then, she told me it was discontinued.  I was heart-broken and just took her word for it.  Now all I can wonder is why the heck she told me it was discontinued when it wasn’t.  We’ve lost touch now, so I’m not able to call her up and ask.

So it is a lesson learned to just follow up on things for yourself.  Geez!

So Fabs, I am so glad I’ve again found my favorite perfume in the world.  Good smelling perfume to me is an unforgettable accessory. 

What is your favorite perfume?  Let me know in comments.

Perfume Details:

273 for Women

273 for Men



Be Blessed,

Look FabKim

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