Friday Night Hair

Hi again Fabs!

This is a hairstyle update of my latest protective hairstyle from Friday Night Hair.  If you like big hair, bouncy curls, and a longer lasting unit, then this is definitely the hair you want.  All the details of this wig are listed below.

This photo is of the unit when I first wore it

Friday Night Hair GLS58

Second Time I wore it
Friday Night Hair GLS58
Third time

Friday Night Hair GLS58

Fourth Time
and very windy outside 😉

Friday Night Hair GLS58

I’ve worn this wig several other times, used hairspray on it, and wig sheen and it’s still holding up nicely.  Being that I’ve used hairspray and combed out most of the curls, I decided to wash it.

The picture below is what it currently looks like (about two months later) after washing and drying it.  I also cut it shorter and cut bangs.  This wig has lasted quite awhile and I’ve been very happy with it.  I really got my money’s worth on this unit.

Look Fab Kim

Let me know what you think of the new haircut?

Wig Details:

Friday Night Hair GLS58  /  Color 1B

Lace Front Synthetic Wig

Hair Length  18″ – 20″  

Look FabKim

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