A Small Setback…

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It’s been awhile since I last posted.  I’ve experienced a small setback in my treatment plan, so I’v been dealing with that and my focus has shifted.  I’ve learned not to push myself into feeling a certain type of way, but to let life take it’s natural course.  Plus, I’ve been losing weight and finding something nice to wear has been a bit of a nightmare.  The new items I purchased has been a waste of money so-to-speak, because just like that, they no longer fit properly.

A Small Setback

If you are familiar with molecular testing for leukemia, then you know there is a scale that the doctors place you at.  Since my diagnosis, a little over  six months ago, I’ve been ahead in my treatment plan. Meaning, even though I’ve been diagnosed for six months, my doctors placed me with those that have been treating for eighteen months.  (So I had been doing really well).  The setback is my levels have started to rise instead of continuing to decline.  That news have put me in bit of a funk for a few days, and I’ve learned to just let my feelings take it’s course.  I’m human and I’m allowed right?

My birthday was Sunday before last, March 26th, and I had the best birthday I’ve had in years.  Even though I got the news of a small setback about a week before my birthday, I ended up having a fabulous time.  My family really made sure I enjoyed my day. There were definitely no funky feelings, and  It’s a very good feeling when you don’t have to force yourself to feel as though you are happy or in a good mood when you’re really not.  However, I was naturally happy on my birthday and it was just an all around great day.

Here are some pictures from my FAB birthday!



My fab day started with a birthday present from the love of my life, Ray.  He surprised me with a brand new CharGrill.  Ray says I cook the best ribs in the land and now I can cook slabs of ribs on top of slabs, lol.  Cooking slabs of ribs was difficult to do with my older much smaller grill.  So this grill not only makes me happy, but the rest of my family was excited and now wants to know when is the next cook out.  

Next, Ray and I went to dinner at TooJay’s.  Ray ordered the steak dinner, and I order the liver dinner.  I was so thankful I was able to hold it down.  I guess my body knew it was my birthday.  Big thanks to my stomach, hehe…

TooJay's Liver and Onions Dinner

TooJay's Salad

TooJay's Lemonade

After dinner, we went to the movies as I had been dying to see King Kong Skull Island.  I don’t get to do crowds to often due to a low immune system, but I just went for it and enjoyed myself.  I’m thankful to say I didn’t catch any infections.  Thank you God in the name of Jesus!  By the way, the movie was awesome.  

King Kong Skull Island Tickets

Then we ended up at my parent’s house and finished celebrating my birthday with family.  My parents got me a Copper Chef, and a few days after that I ended up making the best buffalo chicken wings.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the wings, but I will take pics next time.  I got other gifts and money from the rest of the family.

Copper Chef

Family!  I love my family.  They are my rock and a wonderful support system.  What a way to end the day…

I’ve missed you guys, and I must figure out the best way to build my new wardrobe as I’m losing weight without breaking the bank.  If you have any suggestions please comment below.

Outfit Details

I’m wearing a plus size open shoulder top.  Here are a few options similar to what I’m wearing:

Option One

Option Two

Option Three

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  1. No setbacks hun.. you are being set up for a major testimony. God has his hands on you and He is building your faith day by day. I declare total restoration in your health. Love you cuz. Keep fighting .. Keep smiling. 💗

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