Some Idiot Said To Me…

Hi Fabs!

Some idiot said to me…  

“Don’t you have cancer!  Try not to be so outspoken, because you never know who you’re gonna need.”

Yes I have cancer, and one thing cancer has shown me is who my true family and friends are.

Some people automatically think I’m dying, therefore, I should now have to kiss their —-.  That I should not stand up for myself, that I should shut up because I just may need you. What tha!!!!!!!!!!!

One, not all cancers are a death sentence, and I don’t have to tell anyone which one I am.

Two, we are all promised death. Now if you’ve found a way to live forever, please share.

Three, this illness will never be a LICENSE for anyone to hurt me, dog me, mistreat me, use me, etc. I won’t allow it!

Four, this illness has kept and brought some of the most amazing people into my life. I have such a strong beautiful support system.

Five, this illness ran away some of those who were not good for me all by itself. GO CANCER!

Six, when have standing up for yourself became a bad thing. Oh I get it, it’s because I’m Kim.

Seven, I know my worth.

Eight, thank you to all who are standing by my side.

Nine, I give it all to GOD.

Ten, thank you GOD for your continued Blessings. They are many and if I died tomorrow I am still truly Blessed. I thank you GOD in the name of JESUS!

Peace to all,

Look FabKim

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6 thoughts on “Some Idiot Said To Me…

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  1. Somebody said that to you? That SETS ME ON FIRE! Are they the kind of person who thinks it’s a “choice,” like mental illness or depression?
    “Try not to be so outspoken?”
    No…SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOP! You are a survivor…you are a might warrior. You owe no apologies. You owe no explanations…and you certainly owe no silence.
    People who say and think like that….are idiots.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I couldn’t believe it was said. I also told them I will never need someone like them. If I was on fire I wouldn’t even ask you to put me out, well maybe I would, lol but you get what I’m saying. It’s some mean cruel people out there but this idiot is out of my life.

      Thanks for visiting 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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