Senegal Bantu Braid Wig Update

Hi Fabs!

This is the update for the Senegal Bantu Braid Wig.  Is it FAB or DRAB?

About a month ago I blogged about the Senegal Bantu Braid Wig and gave my opinion when I had first worn it.  Well Fabs, I believe it’s better to share my opinions of these wigs after days of wear.

My opinion of this unit after days of wear is:  it is freaking DRAB!  This unit is a beautiful unit, and I liked it at first.  But after days of wear not so much.  Therefore, my overall opinion of this wig is now labeled DRAB.  I got maybe four descent wears before this wig look like a dirty old mop, so this is not a wig I will be buying again.  I’m on a tight budget, so I like to buy wigs that will last me every day wear for at least a month or longer.  If you don’t mind spending money for a few uses then this wig will serve it’s purpose.  I just don’t have it like that. I’m trying to look fab while beating cancer.  I can’t afford buying wigs every couple of days.

As you can see from this photo it looks darn good on the first day.  I’m not able to show you an updated photo as I had thrown the wig away, but I will keep them in the future.

Do you have this wig or know someone that does?  If so, share your opinion(s) in comments.

Enjoy your day Fabs,

Look FabKim

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