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Hi Fabulous Peeps!

As you know from my last post, I have been fighting The Dreaded Pneumonia!  This prompted me to move up my doctor’s appointment with my cancer doctor from December 15th to November 30th to make sure the infection has cleared up.  Well I got some great news!  Are you ready? (DRUM ROLL PLEASE).  My doctor told me that it looks like I am already in remission.  My blood work shows the Leukemia has left the building folks.  Of course we are waiting on the results of one other blood test, and my doctors are almost 100% positive that it too will show I am in remission.  I’m not good with medical terms, but I think the medical term used was a “Molecular Blood Test” that they are waiting on the results for.  The test results should be back in a few days and tell us if the Leukemia is really gone.

So you know I was happy as a kid in a candy store.  This is such wonderful news and a beautiful blessing from GOD.  I am a huge believer in GOD, and I know with GOD all things are possible. Whatever HIS will is for my life, I accept.  Receiving the Leukemia diagnosis on September 27, 2016 crushed me.  Receiving news on November 30, 2016 that it looks like I am in remission uplifts me. Nobody but GOD!

Now, pump the brakes!  After receiving this awesome news, and I was all happy and ish, I got some not so good news too.  Why all the good stuff have to come with a “but”?  Well, the not so good news is that it looks like I will have to continue taking the chemo medicine (pill form) indefinitely.  Say what…  This news is something I’m having a hard time dealing with and not something I wanted to hear.  I don’t know if my ears went deaf, but I left this doctor’s appointment feeling a bit weird.  I can’t put an accurate description to my feelings right now or maybe I just don’t know how to feel.  I’m happy about the remission news (yeah), just not happy that I have to continue taking chemo medicine.  It’s a Bittersweet moment.

This medicine is hard on my body and causes me to feel so sick most days.  The side effects makes me feel like Kim doesn’t live here anymore.  I’m just one huge side affect that has the real me trapped until the end of time. Thank GOD, I have a wonderful man who loves me through it all no matter what.  I do my best to stay positive, but some times I get tired of putting on a strong front.  That can be tiring in and of itself.  Believe me, I know I am blessed.  So many of my fellow brothers and sisters out there fighting cancer have it way worse than me.  So is it strange for me to feel happy and discouraged at the same time?

In a couple of days, I have to get chest x-rays done to see if the Pneumonia has cleared up.  It will take a week for those results to come back. I pray for more good news and maybe on my next post, my feelings won’t be all over the place.  Thank you so much for your visit today and feel free to comment below.  I look forward to any suggestions.

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Be blessed,

Look FabKim

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    1. Yes, very good news. I’m still waiting on blood work. Hoping those will be in soon. Thanks for the compliment. Girl, I’m doing my best to look fab with these tops. It’s a challenge for a woman fighting cancer. But hey, I’m up for a good challenge.


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