The Dreaded Pneumonia!

Hi Fabs!

A few days ago I was diagnosed with Pneumonia.  Yes, the dreaded Pneumonia!   Lately, I’ve been having problems with my ankles and feet.  They are really swollen and very painful to the touch.  On my left foot, there seems to be a large lump and a dark discoloration to it. Well, this made me nervous, and I wasn’t able to get in with my Doctor.  I ended up going to the E.R.  The E.R. Doctor discovered that I have Pneumonia.  It’s weird because I always thought Pneumonia was like having a real severe flu.

Being that I’m always feeling sick, I had not noticed any Pneumonia symptoms.  It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Pneumonia that I started noticing Pneumonia symptoms.  Go figure!

Anyways, I’ve been really sick and feeling down.  When you’re feeling this sick (Cancer and Pneumonia), it’s hard to feel fab and beautiful. Well, my babe, my best friend, the love of my life wasn’t having it.  He suggested that I take some pictures the way he wanted them to help make me feel better. According to him, he wanted to capture the beauty he sees in me everyday no matter how I’m feeling.  So he asked me to put on a top, shorts, and boots.  I was like “hey, no skin!”  He then reminded me that he only wanted me to see the beauty in me the way he does.

OMG fabs, I was so sick and not in the mood to take these pictures.  I had been feeling sick to my stomach, fever, throwing up, and more.  But I got to say, I ended up having a fun time, laughing, and joking around. This man really knows how to put a smile on my face, and I even ended up liking the pictures skin and all.  Yes, I’m one of those that don’t like to show my legs and arms.  I want to make being comfortable with all of my body a permanent change, but I guess in due time.  That’s a whole nother story…

Below are a few pictures from our night of photo fun.  My babe says this is how he sees me no matter how sick I am and no matter what I am wearing, this is the woman he sees in me everyday.  So I made a new hashtag on Instagram #LookFabFeelBetter.  This is the new motto for my life, one of the the reasons for this blog, and medicine to my soul.

A big thanks to the love of my life, and all people who help their loved ones fight cancer.  It’s so important to be able to just be yourself. Whether that’s happy, sad, sick, not sick, scared, and anything in between.  It should always be okay to just be you!

Look Fab Feel Better with Leukemia and Pneumonia!

Look Fab Feel Better

Look Fab Feel Better

“Your illness does not define you.
Your STRENGTH and COURAGE does.”
– Unknown
Outfit Details:
Cold Shoulder Top (Similar Tops)
Boots (Similar Boots)

Be Blessed,

Look FabKim

Pssst.  My prayers have been answered and you can read about “The Dreaded Pneumonia Update”

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