My 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set for $3.00

Hi there Fabs!

Never in my life have I ever owned a makeup brush set.  Why?   Because I was told at a very early age (13 years old) that wearing makeup will make you look like an old lady way before your time.   That has always stuck with me, and I just never got into wearing makeup.  The only makeup I would wear was eyeliner and lipstick on ocassions.

Now that I’m into using social media much more, all I see are women wearing makeup and wearing it well.  I’ve been so inspired by these women, and have developed such a fascination for makeup, that I’ve decided to include full face makeup in my new beauty journey.  At this time, I have no idea of how to apply makeup.  I’ve been watching YouTube and Instagram videos to help train myself on how to put the darn stuff on.  It looks complicated and not to mention the prices for makeup.  I feel like I have to be rich just to be able to afford it.  This stuff is freaking expensive, and I’m on a tight budget.

Well, as I watch these makeup tutorials, I see that I’m in need of makeup brushes.  I noticed you need a makeup brush for this and a makeup brush for that.  Geez, talk about feeling overwhelmed.  So I gave myself a pep talk:  Kim, you got this girl.  You can do it!  (Well, if you look at the picture on my About” page, it is my very first try at putting on what I consider to be full face makeup.  I didn’t do so well in my opinion, and that’s the reason I change the photo from color to black and white.  Talk about a photo save, lol).  

To start my beauty journey, I went on the hunt for a makeup brush set, cause those little makeup brushes that comes with the two dollar eye shadow kits just won’t cut it.  If you’re anything like me, you want the good stuff for a really low price.  Well, I found this 15 piece makeup brush set for $3 using the “Wish App”.  Being that I’m new to makeup; I can’t tell you if these brushes feel expensive or cheap.  What I can tell you is that they do seem like good quality brushes.  I will do an update in a few weeks to let you know if they’re fab or drab.

If you’re interested in purchasing this makeup brush set, you will need the “Wish App” or visit their website.  The actual name of this brush set is “15 pcs/Sets Eye Shadow Foundation Eyebrow Lip Brush Makeup Brushes Tool Design”.  It has a rating of 4 1/2 stars.

So if you know the name of any good inexpensive foundations, eye shadows, and lipsticks (etc.) to help me look fab while beating cancer, please feel free to share in the comments below.  Also any advice, feedback, and suggestions will be really helpful.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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