Senegal Bantu Braid Wig Fascination

Hi Fabs!

Senegal Bantu Braid Wig is great choice for protective hairstyles at least in my opinion. My hair is so brittle and dry due to cancer, and you can’t look fab with brittle and dry hair.  Therefore, I wanted to choose a wig that looked more like my own natural hair.

I got out my phone to look at YouTube videos for an awesome wig and stumbled upon a video by TheHeartsandcake90 for the Sensationnel Senegal Bantu Braids.  Her video is life and right then, I knew I wanted this wig.

Of course she made styling the wig look so easy.  I don’t know how to cut hair/wigs, but I think I did alright.

The goal is to not pull it apart so much because it gets frizzy really easy.  Well, I ignored my own advice and it’s frizzier than I like, but I do like it.  I just like it better on TheHeartsandcake90.

The wig comes with three partings.  It has a middle part, left side part, and a right side part.  (Now that I can appreciate).  When a wig has just one parting, you have to flip the wig if you want a side part look, and that can look a little weird.  So yes, I really do appreciate the three partings.

Oh and by the way, the parting on this wig is really thin and it’s hard to see the scalp of the wig.  What I did was cut hair very gently in the parting areas so that the parting is wider.  I then added some eye shadow to give it the appearance of a natural looking scalp.

Let me know if the haircut is fab or drab…

Woman wearing a senegal bantu braids wig front view

Woman wearing senegal bantu braids wig side view

Woman wearing senegal bantu braids wig back view

Senegal Collection Braided Lace Wig packaging

Wig Details:

Senegal Bantu Braid Wig

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