Cleaning Out My Closet

Hi there Fabs!

In order for me to journey with cancer, fashion, and beauty; I must organize my life.  Right now my life seems to be all over the place, and I need to change this.

The first thing I decided to do is clean out my closet.  Looking fab while beating cancer is my new goal, because if you look fab then you can feel fab.  If I’m feeling fab; I can then tackle meal preparations and other things that are huge struggles for me at the moment.  (Yes, I know, baby steps).  If I can stop trying to run and slow it down, maybe I won’t be so darn tired, hahaha.

Besides, cleaning out my closet will allow me to build a fab new wardrobe.  My appetite fluctuates which caused me to rapidly lose 27 pounds in the first month after my diagnosis.  Food and weight loss are things I need to take control of immediately as I want to lose weight in the healthiest way possible. So of course this will affect what I can wear as my body changes.  

Now building this fab new wardrobe may be tricky, because I am on a budget and my weight is fluctuating.  Meaning, I have to start with clothing items I already have.  The question for me is, will these items be drab or fab.  This is where I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Now that I’m getting organized, I’ll share with you which clothing items I have decided to keep or let go, and I’ll be sharing the new clothing items along with accessories too.  I’ll also be sharing my beauty faves, such as makeup, along with natural hairstyle and protective hairstyles.  This will be quite the journey, and I’m definitely up for the challenge.

This white shirt was one of my favorites but unfortunately it’s getting a little saggy and doesn’t look as good on me anymore.  This is a clothing item that will most likely end up in my garage sale.

First, I tried pairing it palazzo pants, and I didn’t like the look at all.  I normally wear a snug top if I wear loose pants or loose top with tight pants.

Before putting this shirt away in a bin for a later garage sale, I paired it with jeans.  It looked better with jeans, but I guess I just no longer like it.  I’ll give myself a few days as I was feeling horrible when taking these pictures.  That’s the thing with Leukemia, you tend to feel crappy.  As my mamma say:  “I can tell when you’re not feeling well.  It shows in your eyes.”

Let me know what you think about this shirt?

Woman standing next to a tree

Woman standing holding a purse

Woman standing in front of garage

Woman smiling standing in front of garage

Outfit Details:

Shirt (New/Upgrade)   
Palazzo Pants (New/Upgrade)   
Jeans (Similar)   |   Purse (New)

Glad you stopped by.


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